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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  June 14, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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of the gunmen -- continues. with the fbi is saying about the orlando shooter. and caroline shively in orlando. i will have full details straightahead. good morning. thank you for joining us. june 14. i'm dave clark. >> i'm alex savidge. we will start with news overnight. >> and out-of-control crashed into a home in san jose. you can see this caused major damage. this happened just before 11 pm. this was on south jackson avenue. close to interstate 680. the truck reportedly was coming off of a ramp quite fast, crashed through the front yard of a home, hit a parked car and ended up in the front part of the home. sumac the hope -- >> the homeowner and driver were not her. the driver was detained for suspicion of dui.
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some of the neighbors say crashes happen a lot in that area because the freeway is so close. janine de la vega is heading there now. she will have more later on mornings on 2. noticeably cooler out there this morning >> i would say so too. for june it is rather remarkable how cool it will get. if you like cooler weather for this time of year, you're lucky. this week will be cool but also breezy and wendy. oakland will have gusts almost up to 30. it will be a breezy to windy day. mostly sunny. the low cloud deck has been chewed up. there is nothing to support a. we will see a few high clouds zipping by. livermore will have gusts to 20. sfo, gusts to 25. low 50s for some already. if you 40s in calistoga and kelsey belt and bodega bay. this is unseasonably cold most
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of the energy will stick to the north until thursday. then there will be energy swinging in which looks like it will give the north bay some rain. today, 60s and 70s. good morning. we are looking at a tight commute right now on 580 as you drive to the altamont pass. not a big commute as you drive through the that tracy super commute. 880 in oakland, traffic is moving along nicely. if you're driving down to the silicon valley you should have a straight shot. is is a look at the bay bridge. bay bridge, golden gate bridge, both look good. let's go back to the desk. >> edward sotomayor junior. stanley altimont the third. >> thousands gathered last night in downtown orlando for a vigil in support of the victims
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and survivors of sunday's deadly mass shooting. medical experts say they are very optimistic the shooting victims still in the hospital will recover. we're finding more out about the man who police say ñ49 people, wounded dozens more before he was shot and killed by police. caroline shively is joining us from orlando. you have the very latest developments. >> reporter: good morning. the fbi is looking into the background of the shooter, omar mateen, saying he appears to be a homegrown extremists. >> so far we see no indication that this was a plot directed from outside the united states and we see no indication that he was part of any kind of network. >> reporter: the fbi said he expressed sympathy for radical islamic groups including isis, has blown and al qaeda. regular customers at pulse nightclub say they saw him at the club several times drinking alone, prior to opening fire
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early sunday morning. survivors continuing to share their terrifying accounts. >> there were 25 people on top of each other. trying to get out of the door frame. >> outside you can hear bullet after bullet after bullet after bullet. he laughed when he was shooting. >> reporter: people across the u.s. are paying tribute to the victims. gathering in solidarity with the city of orlando. >> they targeted the lgbt community and that is a file. >> reporter: thousands turned out in orlando monday night. >> we are morning and we are angry. to the families and friends of the victims, your city is with you. >> reporter: the white house as announced that president obama will be here on thursday. back to you. we are also hearing terrifying and heartbreaking stories from people who survived the shootings.
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one woman who was shot and wounded said she had for several hours in the bathroom stall. >> i saw him peek under the stall and look me in my face and from then on i thought my life was over. he said something about him having a bomb. >> that was sierra parker. she was shot in the stomach but his recording -- recovering. her cousin was shot in the arm. she begged for her life but died in a hospital. turning to the victims. a cross-section of americans. dinklage students, professionals, entrepreneurs, the very youngest, 18 years old. the oldest, 50 years old. one was a mother who raised 11 children, beat cancer twice and was dancing with her son. another, a 37-year-old who was bullied for being gay while growing up in puerto rico but found a new life and the courage to come out in florida. >> the orlando gunman was born in new york city and was a u.s.
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citizen. his father, seddique mateen, is originally from afghanistan and said he is against any kind of violence. he condemned his son's actions and the plot -- apologized to the victims. here are a few of his comments. >> if he was alive today, i would ask you one question -- as a parent -- why did you do this? why? i wish i'd would know. i know is much as you do. i did not know. if i did know this i would have called 911 i would have told the police officers to take him. i don't want any father to go through -- >> the shooter's father admits he had anti-homosexual views that he may have passed on to his son, who was raised in the u.s. he said that god is the one who should punish homosexuality, not humans. by the way, the father posts an occasional afghan talkshow out
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of southern california where he has expressed strong anti- pakistani views and also his support for the taliban said -- security will be tighter for the city's pride celebration in san francisco which happens at the end of this month. pride weekend attracts more than 1 million people to san francisco every year. this year organizers are predicting more people than usual will will want to be in san francisco to take a stand against violence and hatred. the interim police chief said not all details will be released but he outlined some of his security plans. >> we will also have an increased presence at the pride parade. i spoke last night and one thing i pushed is if you see something, see some and. anytime you have something like this happen he worry about a copycat. i would rather err on the side of caution and put more security out there and make sure that we have a high presence. >> the chief said his staff is
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closely watching the investigation unfolding in orlando to see what can be learned from police and other investigators there. and oakland man and woman are charged with kidnapping and sex trafficking. they are accused of forcing four teenage girls to work as prostitutes. cedric house seal and breanna miller have each been charged with four counts. the girls told police they were forced to work as prostitutes along san pablo avenue. when they refused, they were held against their will at an apartment in north oakland. they were rescued by the police last wednesday. police said two of the girls were pistol-whipped. both defendants are accused of taking the girls money and cellphones city could not call for help. san francisco police are releasing information about the two suspects in the stabbing death last friday of mitzie campbell. both suspects are from los angeles the 21-year-old suspect
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is facing homicide charges. osterman does was arrested for illegal possession of drugs and a weapon to as was an outstanding warrant. investigators are not saying if they know the motive and the killing but they say campbell and the suspects had a very heated argument before she was attacked. police in fremont are searching for a man who attacked and robbed a woman. this happened friday morning on lexington street near fremont boulevard. the woman was knocked to the ground by a man who stole her purse and sped away in a black four-door car, possibly a honda accord. investigators only have a vague description of the attacker. the warriors were not able to give fans what they wanted most last night, watch the team when a championship on its home court the finals will continue. they now go back to cleveland for game 6 after the cavaliers one game 5 last night. >> irving pulls it away and
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comes up with a steal on a lazy pass. kyrie irving back -- >> it was the kyrie irving and lebron james show last night. each of them put in 41 points in this game. klay thompson led the warriors with 37 and they were without draymond green last night who was serving a one-game suspension. he was watching from next-door at the oakland coliseum. the game was tied at 61 at halftime but in the third quarter, the warriors lost andrew bogut. he suffered a sprained knee trying to block a shot. he was scheduled to undergo an mri after the game. the warriors did not have an answer for kyrie irving and lebron james. >> you want to win here more than anything for your fans. they deserve to see us win. you just suck it up and move on. lake oaks set up the game, take stock. we're still in a great suspect -- position. this stings a bad but we will come back stronger. we like our chances going
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forward. we will continue to try to be us the best we can and get one more win. >> one more is all they need. game 6 in cleveland on thursday. andrew bogut status is unclear but the warriors will have draymond green back on the floor. it is hard to watch that fall there. as we mentioned, draymond green was next-door at the coliseum. as you can see the a's were playing against the rangers at the time and he was watching the warriors play on tv while he sat in the suite with the warriors general manager and marshawn lynch. the a's invited green to throw out the ceremonial first pitch before the game that he declined there is a tunnel that connects the coliseum with oracle arena. the warriors will host another official watch party at oracle thursday night. tickets for that watch party go on sale at 1:00 this afternoon. they are $20 each. you can get those on the warriors website and the portion of the proceeds will go
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to charity. doors open at foredeck 30 and tip-off is at 6:00 on thursday. stay with us for continuing coverage of your golden state warriors. we will keep you posted on air and online interview any developments on boca's status after that injury. the terror in orlando, candlelight vigils are held for the victims a bay area woman opens up after finding out she has lost a loved one. >> i already knew what she was going to say to me. when she told me i cried so hard. i started screaming. >> how the massacre in orlando is very personal right here in the bay area. fedex accused of delivering packages containing illegal drugs for internet pharmacies. the trial underway against the shipping giant and the death a prosecutor is linking to one of those packages. good morning. we are looking at a commute that is starting off very nicely on 80 westbound.
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we will tell you more about this, ahead. for mid-june it is a little chilly. in the afternoon as well as the cool down continues. you've wished upon it all year,
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welcome back. a criminal trial involving fedex is underway in federal court in san francisco. the shipping giant is accused of delivering millions of packages of illegal drugs for more than a decade. persecutors claim fedex knew it
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was delivering illegally prescribed drugs but deliver them anyway because it did not want to lose his news to its competitor, ups. one case drugs were allegedly pranced -- sent to a woman who committed suicide. fedex denies the charge and said it only shipped what it believed were legal drugs from properly licensed internet pharmacies. jury selection is scheduled to start today in the criminal trial against pg&e of the deadly san bruno gas pipeline disaster in 2012 the federal trial will be held in san francisco. pg&e is facing 13 criminal counts, 12 counts of violating pipeline safety regulations, and one count of obstruction of a federal probe. the utility has pleaded not guilty to the charges. if convicted, they could face a $562 million fine. three people and semper cisco are facing charges of selling counterfeit oxycodone pills laced with sentinel.
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they were arrested friday after authorities accused him of selling more than 1500 pills to an undercover agent. this is considered 100 times stronger than morphine. authorities did not say at the suspects are linked to several overdoses and deaths in the sacramento area in here in the bay area. from pills laced with fentanyl. we have an update on a story involving guardrails that can turn a minor accident into a deadly one. guardrails made by a texas- based company, trinity industries, have come under national scrutiny after cars that crashed into those guardrails have been flipped, or skewered. federal officials announced an agreement with the company that includes tracking of any installation, repairs and maintenance of the guardrails. it includes a training program for employees. -- california has thousands of these guardrails, caltrans said reportedly they are not planning to replace them.
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this is the first of its kind in the nation. santa clara county has approved an ordinance for the use of surveillance technology law enforcement officers. the ordinance applies to devices like stingray phone trackers, license plates scanners and closed-circuit surveillance cameras. requires law enforcement agencies get board approval before new technologies are deployed or used in a different location or for a different purpose. agencies and santa clara county will need to provide a report every two years on the use of any of those technologies. let's check in with sal . you are watching the roads and bridges. good morning. right now we are doing very well. it's not bad. let's see what we have on highway 101. driving from gilroy. some people drive as far as castroville. this whole commute is doing very well. no major problems coming through morgan hill. traffic continues to look good.
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looking at the san mateo bridge, we are doing very nicely if you head out to the highrise, traffic continues to look good over to the peninsula. on 101, is a nice shot into the valley. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, westbound. that is not backed up right now. >> sal, there is that the come in from stockton and tracy? >> correct. >> mountain house to altimont pass, 36 to 38 mile-per-hour winds. >> that is pretty severe. we have an blustery conditions. it will be that kind of day and that kind of pattern. mostly clear. the fog has been chewed up. the cool air continues to spill in. there is no heat in the valley. there may be some patchy fog but it will not last very long. sfo showing gusts to 25.
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livermore showing gusts of 20. 50s on temperatures. low 50s and mid-50s but there are a few 40s especially to the north. we will see some in the east bay. lafayette at 50. walnut creek, 53. 50 in pittsburg. 50 in truckee. 52 in ukiah. 52 and south lake tahoe. a very breezy and windy pattern. this is mid-june, look at that! remember the record heat a couple days ago. now they're getting cold rain. we need to wait for a secondary system to rotate through. you can see how this is diving down and will form off the coast. eventually, thursday, and impulse will sweep through into the north bay some rain.
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you heard me. i said rain on thursday. mostly sunny, breezy and cooler. windy for some. higher elevations -- 60s and 70s. that's it. santa rosa will get a northwind. that's the only reason they will be in the upper 70s. clouds increase over the next few days. it looks like rain or drizzle on thursday. it clears out friday and the weekend looks better. 60s for the highs. for june, this is amazing. she made headlines with her appearance on a reality seeking competition, the voice. coming up, how christina grimmie is being remembered by her mentor and maroon 5's lead singer, adam levine. and what he is offered to do for her family. donald trump with lessons learned from the orlando mass
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shooting and his new call to ban muslims from coming into the u.s.
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welcome back. a new development involving a man from indiana, arrested on his way to the pride parade in los angeles. police say they found assault weapons and bomb-making materials in his car. now we found out he was on parole and he was not supposed to leave his home state or have any weapons. 20-year-old, james leslie how
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was arrested in santa monica sunday morning. he's being held on a half billion dollars they'll. he is due in court today. the santa monica police chief tweeted that howell wanted to harm the ellie pride parade but later corrected himself. frontal the l a times, howell is bisexual in his ex-boyfriend said he needs help. right now he is on probation from a case where he pointed a gun at his neighbors. at least one person was killed when a fire swept through an office building near downtown los angeles. this was first reported around 7 pm. officials say the building was supposed to be vacant although at least five people were inside. officials say three people had to be rescued. one of those people is being called a person of interest. investigators are looking for the cause. reacting to the mass shooting in orlando, donald trump expanded his call to temporarily ban muslims from the u.s. he also wants to
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include people from other areas of the world that have a history of terrorism. >> it will be lifted, the span, when and as a nation we are in a position to properly and perfectly screen these people coming into our country. >> hillary clinton condemned what she called, inflammatory anti-muslim rhetoric. she also accused allies of the failing to crack down in their own countries. >> it is long past time for the saudi's and the kuwaitis and others to stop their citizens from funding extremist organizations. >> democratic candidate, bernie sanders and his wife attended a march for the orlando victims in burlington, vermont. he called for a ban on automatic weapons and a way to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. france's president said the deadly attack on two police officers in paris was a terrorist attack.
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investigators say a man with a knife attacked and killed the man and a police commander. the attacker entered the police commanders home and took the man's partner, a policewoman and their three-year-old son hostage. the attacker was killed in a police raid on the home and the woman was found dead. the boy was not hurt. the attacker had been convicted in 2013 for recruiting fighters for terrorist attacks in pakistan. strength in standing together. >> you never lets go of the idea of love. and acceptance for everyone. >> in the bay area, kinners were lit -- candles were lit in memory of those victims of the shooting. why some say they see themselves in the victims. a juror who helped convict a former stanford university student athletes of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman is now speaking out. why the juror said the presiding judge in the case made a mockery of the verdict.
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good morning. we are looking at a commute traffic is doing very well on highway 4 coming over the willow pass we will tell you more straightahead. about a week ago seattle and portland were picking, near 100. 10 -- this morning it is raining and about 49. the system may give us rain later this week. hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good.
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welcome back. what a beautiful shot there. the bay bridge, and rain, we are told in just a matter of days. if steve said that, you can take it to the bank. good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. i'm dave clark. >> i'm alex savidge. >


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